Your virtual workspace Your virtual workspace

Your virtual workspace

Sortio changes the way you communicate, build client relationships and manage your day-to-day business.

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Everyday problems, preventing your business from growing. You want to get organised but using too many tools makes things messy. You’re looking for one solution to all your problems:

You're using too many tools

You’re using too many tools

Your data is scattered across multiple apps. It’s hard to keep them synced. Having so many apps is costly.

Use one tool, not many
You can never find anything

You can never find anything

You’re constantly searching for things. You need to ask your teammates. Information gets lost.

Find information faster
Your team lacks management

You struggle to manage your team

You don’t know what your teammates are doing. How they spend their time. How they speak with clients.

Take control of your team
You're unable to delegate work

You’re unable to delegate work

You have many tasks and emails. Delegating work is complicated. It’s easier to do things yourself.

Delegate your work with ease
Your contact list is a mess

Your contact list is a mess

Address books, apps, biz cards. Your business contacts are everywhere. You have no central source for contacts.

Organise your contacts smartly
You're not staying in touch with clients

You’re not staying in touch with clients

Your mailing list is never up-to-date. You need to sync your contacts every time you want to send bulk email.

Remain in touch with your clients
Your client response rate sucks

Your client response rate sucks

Your clients aren’t responding. You need to follow up with them if you want to get a reply.

Follow up with your clients with ease
You lose touch when you're away

You lose touch when you’re away

Managing your business when not in the office is uncomfortable. Remote work is a utopia.

Work from everywhere
You're chasing payments

You’re chasing payments

Your clients are paying late. You’re tired of sending payment reminders over and over again.

Stop being a bill collector
You're missing deadlines

You’re missing deadlines

Too many tasks and projects with deadlines. Too hard to keep an eye on them. You’re always behind.

Never miss a deadline again
Your notes are everywhere

Your notes are everywhere

Email notes, project notes, business notes, phone call notes, meeting notes, all scattered around the office.

Keep your notes organised
You don't know your clients

You don’t know your clients

To learn about clients, you need to search through emails or ask your teammates. Your clients are a mystery to you.

Know your clients better